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Dual 15inch three way line array speaker< back

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  • VT215 is 3-way full range line array speaker, large line array, high powerful, high performance.

    suit for road show, stadium, live concert etc big events.

    Products Model:    VT212    VT215    VT225   VT218S 
    LF neodynium unit  2 x 12" (φ75mm)   2 x 15"    2 x 15"   2 x 18"  
    MF mid woofer  4X6.5" (φ38mm)     4x 6.5"    4X8" neo    / 
    HF neodymium drivers  2X3"   2X3"    2X3"   / 
    Horn & Exit throat Size  2x1.5"(38mm)   2x1.5"   2x1.5"   / 
    Dispersion Angle  H90°x Vertical    H90°x Vertical    H90°x Vertical    / 
    RMS / program  1500W/3000W    1700W/3400W    2000W/4000W  2000W/4000W
    Peak power  4500W   5100W   6000W  6000W
    Nominal MAX /Peak SPL  135dB   136dB   138dB  129dB 

    Frequency Response 

    ( ±3dB)

     64Hz - 19KHz    60Hz - 19KHz    60Hz - 19KHz    25Hz - 250Hz  
    Crossover Frequency point  1200hz, 2.1KHz   1200hz, 2.1KHz   1200hz, 2.1KHz   150 Hz  
    Nominal Impedance  LF/ MF: 8 ohm; HF: 16ohm   LF/ MF: 8 ohm; HF: 16ohm   LF/ MF: 8 ohm; HF: 16ohm   4 Ohms 
    Input output Connector   2 *NL8    2 *NL8    2 *NL8    2 *NL4  
    Dimension (mm)  1080x530x380    1260x560x 490   1195*560*610   1260 x560 x 700  
    Net Weight   (1pcs)  56 kg    65kg   70KG   87kg 

  • Feature:

    1. Birch plywood 18mm, weather-resistant, scratch-resistant;  

    2. Wave guide horn, dispersion AngleH90°x Vertical splay Angle

    3. Imported drivers, powerful & perfect sound.

    4. Large & multipurpose enclosed. It can hang in the air or stack on the ground.

    5. Black or white color

    6. Normal impedance: 8ohm

    7. Hardware is included, just plug and play 

    8. Net weight: 46KG

  • Application:

    Theater places expand sound systems.

    Touring FOH system

    Audio & video presentations sound system

    Mobile or permanently live concert reinforcement

  • Power amplifier and line array speaker
  • amplifier and speaker

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