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DH4-1200: 1200W four channel digital switch amplifier< back

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  • DH series power amplifier

    Professional high powerful amplifier with stability, reliability and outstanding performance. 


    This series included 6 models offer a range from 800W to 1500W, work  stable at 4 ohm, 

    it have 2 channel and 4 channel for you choose. 


    DH series amplifier have a complete and high speed protection system in case of overheating, overloading, DC output etc.

    It has very clear and clean sound and high damping factor. 

    Small in size and light in weight. ACLON amplifier are easy to haul around. 


    It can be widely used in fixed-venue and touring performance such as 

    :church, bar, nightclub, theater, auditorium, museum, muti-functional hall, wedding etc.



    1. Class H circuit with excellent stability and reliability.

    2. Net weight 9KG easy to move and installation.

    3. All is 2U-Rack

    4. Aluminum elegant panel 

    5. Comprehensive protection system: DC, overload protection etc

    6. Very suitable for mobile show.

    7. Reasonable design makes you feel relaxed in the process of using.

    8. Highly cost effective. 

    Model DH4-600 DH4-800 DH4-1200
    Output Power 4 Channel
    8ΩStereo Power(RMS) 4X 600W 4X 800W 4X1200W
    4ΩStereo Power(RMS) 4X 900W 4X 1200W 4X 1800W
    8 OHM Bridge 2X1800W 2X2200W 2X3200W
    THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz for 1 W <0.04%
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio >105 dBA
    Channel separation  >75 dB
    Input Sensitivity 0.775V, 1.4 V
    Model Switch stereo,  parallel /mono
    Input Connectors (per channel) 3-pin XLR, electronically balanced
    Damping factor >200
    Output Connectors (per channel) NL4 -Speakon
    Class circuitry Class H  (new tech step circuitry)
    Tour Class Protection short circuit, open circuit, direct voltage, high temperature, radio-frequency, ultralow frequency
    Operating voltage 110V / 230V / 220V, 50/60Hz (factory configured)
    Input impedance (unbalanced) 20 k Ohm (10k Ohm)
    Dimensions (H×W×D) 2U: 88×488×330mm
    Net weight (kg) 8 11 11
    Gross weight (kg) 10.5 14 14
  • DH4-1200 switch amplifier:

    DH series SMPS amplifier is small size, lightweight, with amazing power performances. 

    It can be configured in any amplifying systems, large dynamic power requirements, reach high reliability and efficiency

    Whether permanently installation and touring is your first choice. 



    8ohm stereo: 1200W 

    Channel: four channel

    Rack: 2U rack

    Panel: aluminum elegant panel

    Circuit: class H

    Fans: 3pcs speedy fans 

    Transistor: 20 Pair USA-ON NJW0302/0281G

    Big Capacitor:3300uF/220v 4pc;1000uF/80v 4pc

    Audio IC (USA HIFI IC)USA-MC33078

    Net weight: 11KG

    Recommend speaker: PS15, VT4888, VT215



    Short circuit protection function.
    Overload protection function.
    Overvoltage protection.
    Under-voltage protection
    Overheat protection.



    1. Unique closed-loop location design, which very good to support audio features.

    2. LLC resonance oscillation bridge technology, which greatly improve the output power.

    3. Customized capacitor better to support the audio features.

    4. Built-in EMI filter. Famous brand FET.

    5. Ultra-low standby power consumption.

    6. High output efficiency.

  • Application:

    Theater places expand sound systems.

    Touring FOH system

    Audio & video presentations sound system

    Mobile or permanently live concert reinforcement

  • Power amplifier and line array speaker manufacturer center

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