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ND2200 big watt power amplifier< back

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  • ND Series is high class, high output amplifier designed for Professional power-handling capabilities and low-end response make for installations and touring applications that demand the finest audio quality. It aims at real professional sound market, Extremely high quality-price ratio.   

    Inside crossover,by pass for full range, low-pass for pure super bass while you need, and hi-pass for pure satellite.      

    It is a good choice for the project which has a tight budget.can be used for large performance, big disco, stadium, cinema, road show, live concert etc.  Now it has enjoyed good market all over the world, especially in Philippines, Indonesia etc countries.

    Product Model: ND1500 ND1800 ND2200
    Rated Power  8ohm  stereo 2 x 1500W 2 x 1800W 2x 2200W
    (1KHzTHD+N=0.1) 4ohm  stereo 2 x 2300W 2x 2700W 2 x 3300W
    2ohm  stereo 2 x 3200W 2x 3750W 2 x 4600W
    Mono Bridge 8ohm  bridge 4600W 5400W 6400W
    4ohm  bridge 6400W 7500W 9200W
    Protection Overheat short circuits, DC, limit and--softstart, Output, relay-Zero Current Switch etc
    Frequency response  1W   8ohm  stereo 20 Hz-20 KHz    (±0.5dB)
    Mode switch StereoBridgeParallel
    Input impedance(ohm) Balanced/Unbalanced 20K ohm , 10K ohm
    Crosstalk   20Hz~20KHz at8ohm ≥65dB
    S/N  ratio  8Ω  Rated Power  105dB
    Phase response 1W&8ohm 20Hz~20KHz within ±5°
    Slew  rate 60 V/us
    Intermodulation distortion 0.10%
    Total harmonic distortion  8Ω 20Hz~20KHz  0.05%
    Power supply US & Canada /Europe /Asia 110V/60Hz,   230V/50Hz,  220V/50Hz.( factory configured )
    Damping factor  1KHz&8ohm ≥700
    Output Circuitry   TOSHIBA  Transistor Class TD
    Packing dimension        Unit /mm                   590*600*210MM
    Net   Weight  (kg) 35kg 36kg 37kg

  • It can be used for large performance, indoor / outdoor concert, nightclub, stadium, theater, speech etc

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  • Power amplifier and line array speaker manufacturer center

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