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    Model Description
    UHF5000 UHF-Dual- channels wireless microphone
    AMC-909  UHF wireless microphone
    AMC-410  4 channel UHF wireless microphone
    AI58  Wired microphone
    AI293  Wired microphone
    DM8  Drum microphone pack

    Frequency Range: 730-960MHz

    Automatic Transmitter Setup channels: 200
    Display Mode:LCD
    Oscillation Mode: PLL synthesized
    Frequency Stability: ±10ppm
    Receive Mode: Superheterodyne
    Input Sensitivity: -90dBm

    Audio Response: 40Hz~20KHz
    T.H.D. at 1KHz: ≤0.5%
    Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥110dB
    RF Output: 10mW(50mW Max)
    Modulation Mode: FM
    Battery Requirement: 2×1.5V AA size
    Work Distance: In ideal condition 100m
    1.   Adopt the PLL Synthesized control technic, preset 200 non-interfered channels.
    2.   Transfer datas to transmitter by infrared.
    3.   Digital LCD information display.
    4.   Using high gain antenna, the space availability is more than 100 meters at the clearing.
    5.   EIA standard 1U dual channel rack-mountable receiver with metal chassis.

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