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PH10 compact line array speaker< back

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  • PH10 is Phoenix coaxial Line array by 4 pcs 10 inch speaker +HF driver

    PH208 is is Phoenix coaxial Line array by 4 pcs 8 inch speaker +HF driver

  • PH10 compact line array feature:

    1. Birch plywood 18mm, weather-resistant, scratch-resistant;  

    2. Wave guide horn

    3. Imported drivers, powerful & perfect sound.

    4. Compact & multipurpose enclosed. It can hang in the air or stack on the ground.

    5. Black or white color

    6. Normal impedance: 16ohm

    7. Hardware is included, just plug and play 

    8. Net weight: 28KG


  • Application:

    Theater places expand sound systems.

    Touring FOH system

    Audio & video presentations sound system

    Mobile or permanently live concert reinforcement

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