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LAT210A dual 10inch 800W active top line array speaker< back

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    Title  Specification 
    System Type    TWO way full range Powered line array system   Bass line array 
    Products Model:    LAT208A   LAT210A   LAT212A   LAT118SA   LAT215SA   LAT218SA 

    LF driver unit Inch(aluminium)

    Voice Coil Dia, ferrite

     2 x 8"   2 x 10"   2 x 12"    1 x 18" (φ100mm)    2 x 15" (φ100mm)    2 x 18" (φ100mm)  

    HF-Compression drivers


     1 x 1.7"(44mm)    1 x 3"(75mm)    /   /   / 

    Directivity Dispersion

    patented loaded Horn. 

    Exit throat Size

     1"(25mm)throat   1.5"(38mm)throat   /   /   / 
    Dispersion Angle (H * V)  H90°x 7°Vertical splay Angle Varies with array size configuration   /   /   / 
    System Performance Section
    RMS(Program)  700W /1400W    800W /1600W    1000W /2000W    600W/1200W   1000W/2000W   1200W/2400W 
    LF Rated power /RMS  600 W   700W   900W   600W   1000W   1200W 
    HF Rated power /RMS  60 W   80W   100W   /   /   / 
    Nominal Impedance LF  LF 4 Ohm   LF 4 Ohm   LF 4 Ohm   8 or 4ohm   8 Ohm parallel   8 Ohm parallel 
                               HF  HF 8ohm   HF 8ohm   HF 8 ohm   /   /   / 
    LF Sensitivity (SPL )Nominal1w/1m  LF  96dB    LF  98dB    LF  98dB    LF  98dB    LF  99dB    LF  99dB  
    HF Sensitivity (SPL )Nominal  HF108dB   HF109dB   HF110dB   /   /   / 
    LF Nominal Peak SPL  at 1m  LF 118dB    LF 125dB    LF 127dB    LF 128dB    LF 129dB    LF 129dB  
    HF Nominal Peak SPL  HF126dB   HF132dB   HF134dB   /   /   / 
    Frequency Response( ±3dB)  85Hz - 19KHz   82Hz - 19KHz    64Hz - 19KHz    55Hz - 220Hz  
    Usable Range at-6dB  75Hz - 20KHz    73Hz - 20KHz    58Hz - 20KHz    50Hz - 250Hz 
    Crossover Frequency point  1.9  KHz  Passive   150 Hz  
    PASSIVE Nominal Impedance  4 Ohms 
    Harmonic distortion  ≦0.05% 
    Appearance Section
    Input  output inside amps  2* XLR- INPUT /LINK
     2* XLR- INPUT /LINK 
    LED indicators /Master volume   Power / Clip  / Master volume 
    Outlook  Colours  Black 
    Protective Grille  Perforated steel grille 
    Appearance   Textured Polyurethane painted finished 
    Enclosure material  Baltic Birch 15&18 mm Multi-laminate Plywood finished 
    Rigging -Flyings  Handle  2 integrated cabinet handle 
        Suspension (Top frame)  Suspension requires optional LAT line-array Top frame kit , hardware & Pin 
    Dimensions Section
    Dimension  W*D*H (mm)  640x335x245   800x445x300   920x570x 370   640x 540x 505   920 x800 x 480    920 x800 x 580  
    Shipping Dimensions (mm)  730x430x340   900x540x400   1020x660x 470   740x 640x 650   1020x900 x 580   1020x900 x 680 
    Net Weight   (1pcs)  25kg    40 kg     67kg     51kg    70kg   80kg 
    Shipping Weight (1pcs)  25 kg    42 kg    70kg    54 kg   75kg   85kg  
    Recommend Systems:

     Right side: 8pcs full range + 2pcs sub + 1pcs top frame.

     Left side:    8pcs full range + 2pcs sub + 1pcs top frame 

  • LAT210A is Dual 10" 800W full range active line array                                                                      

    HF: 1X1.7" 44mm neodymium driver                                               

    LF: 2X10" aluminum frame woofer                                         

    Sensitivity: 109dB                                                                                                          

    Program/peak: 1600W/2400W   

    Crossover Frequency point: 1.7 KHz Passive 

    Nominal Impedance: 4OHM

    Net weight: 40KG

    Amplifier: DSP amplifier, network control

    Color: black and white

    KEY  FEATURES:                   
    > Ultra-compact two-way powered line array system was designed to match the demands for easy setup and transportation combined with the perfect sonic results in variety of venue sizes.                   
    > Clarity, impact and precision for live music, whether they be mobile or fixed installed, these performace provide users with dynamic sonic sound and unparalleled convenience.                   
    > Dual 8 .10. 12 inch, Two-way higher efficiency -in a powerful, weather-resistant,multipurpose enclosure, powder coated steel grill.                    
    > High Power capability with dynamic protection -rated at 600-1200watts (IEC)with power protection circuitry to prevent overloads.                    
    > Perfect coupling and predictable coverage to suit many audience geometries -(90° x 1° to10°),deliver accurately focused sound.                   
    > Ergonomic, fast and captive rigging system,XLR and Speakon Connectors - for quick, secure audio input setup.  > Powered or Passive an opt input signal way,Plug and play package, quick set-up and easy stacking and flying rigging.   

  • Application:

    Theater places expand sound systems.

    Touring FOH system

    Audio & video presentations sound system

    Mobile or permanently live concert reinforcement

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