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FP10 4-channel lightweight switch amplifier< back

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  • FP series are 4 channel popular amplifier, high output power amplifiers, which deliver powerful pure sonic performance.

    It is a multi-functional item. Every channel have volume change output voltage independently.

    It can also be bridged into bigger power 2 channels amplifier. 2U height and 13kg make it especially suitable for mobile events.

    It adopts imported USA- ONSEMI (formerly Motorola) power output transistors. Reliable, durable performance can match all kinds of loudspeaker systems.

    FP Series offer smooth and responsive handling with massive power output, benefit from the latest advance in SMPS technology, resulting in high power, lightweight units.

    FP-Series are suitable for professional installations, theater and live sound applications.


    Model FP10 FP14
    Output Power(20-20kHz, 1W with 1 kHz ) 4 Channel 2 Channel
    8ΩStereo Power(RMS) 1300WX4 2350WX2
    4ΩStereo Power(RMS) 2200WX4 4400WX2
    2ΩStereo Power(RMS) 2600WX4 6800WX2
    8ΩBridged Power(RMS) 4200WX2 8800W
    4ΩBridged Power(RMS) 5000WX2 14000W
    FrequencyResponse(+o/-0.3dB,1W/8Ω) 20 Hz - 34 kHz
    THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz for 1 W <0.1%
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio >112 dBA
    Damping factor >1000
    Channel separation (Cross talk) at 1 kHz >70 dB
    Input Connectors (per channel) 3-pin XLR, electronically balanced
    Output Connectors (per channel) Speakon or Binding Posts 2-pole
    Class circuitry Class TD
    Tour Class Protection ACL, IGM, Auto Ramp, short circuit, DC voltage, 
    turn-on/off transient, current inrush, sub/ultrasonic input
    Operating voltage, 230 V / 115 V normal 150-260 V50/60Hz, / 70-140 V 50/60Hz selectable
    Voltage Gain(dB) 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44 dB selectable
    Input impedance (unbalanced) 20 k Ohm (10k Ohm)
    Level adjustment (per ch.) Front-panel potentiometer, 31 position detente from -into 0 dB
    Dimensions (H×W×D) 2U: 88×483×396mm
    Packing dimension 180×560×500mm
    Net weight (kg) 13 13
    Gross weight (kg) 15 15

  • Feature:

    *****It is Light weight only 14KG,supply 10000W power output       
    *****It can be used for church,concert,nightclub,stadium,theater,speech,big live sound reinforcement etc       
    *****Switching amplifier FP series is big power amplifier, good quality, high stability, less heat, big power output.       
    *****The global power supply works anywhere in the world and offers PFC ( Power Factor Correction).       
    *****It is a switching power supply easily deals with a very high variation in the AC       
    *****mains voltage: it can drop by up to 20% below its nominal level (e.g. to 180VAC instead of 230VAC) without any loss of the amplifiers rated output power.       
    *****Regulated power supply also presents some other sonic advantages, such as better cone control and the same fast response as a linear power supply.       
  • Application:

    Theater places expand sound systems.

    Touring FOH system

    Audio & video presentations sound system

    Mobile or permanently live concert reinforcement

  • Power amplifier and line array speaker manufacturer center

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