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    Model Description
    FC1U 1U two open door, non-shockproof, non-wheel flight case
    FC2U 2U two open door, non-shockproof, non-wheel flight case
    FC3U 3U two open door, non-shockproof, non-wheel flight case
    FC4U 4U two open door, non-shockproof, non-wheel flight case
    FC6U 6U two open door, non-shockproof, non-wheel flight case
    FC8U 8U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC10U 10U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC12U 12U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC14U 14U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC16U 16U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC18U 18U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC20U 20U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC22U 22U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC24U 24U two open door, non-shockproof, with wheel flight case
    FC162X Mixer flight case
    FCS-8U 8U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCS-10U 10U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCS-12U 12U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCS-14U 14U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCS-16U 16U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCS-18U 18U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCS-20U 20U flight case, Two Open cover, shockproof
    FCMS-12U 12U flight case with console, 3 open cover, shockproof
    FCMS-14U 14U flight case with console, 3 open cover, shockproof
    FCMS-16U 16U flight case with console, 3 open cover, shockproof
    FCMS-18U 18U flight case with console can flex, 3 open cover, shockproof
    FCMS-20U 18U flight case with console can flex, 3 open cover, shockproof
  • amplifier road case, speaker flight case
  • amplifier road case, speaker flight case

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